Parenting mistakes that harm children

Parenting mistakes that harm children
Parenting mistakes that harm children

Being a parent is the hardest job and life's task. Parents make mistakes, but when some of them start to be repeated, they have a negative impact on children's behavior later in life.

You put your kids in a permanent comfort zone

For most parents, it is important that their children always have security, comfort, and safety. Even at times when the little ones have problems, the parents are there to solve them. Even when it comes to something very small, like how to do laundry, how to make a sandwich, parents always overrule their children. A permanent comfort zone harms children later in life. If you always overrule your children in everything and don't teach them how to cope in different situations, they will become adults who are afraid to make decisions, to take risks.

You don't keep your promises and your word

Children remember what you promised them, don't doubt it. If you often give them your word about something and don't keep it, eventually your grown children will have a trust problem or they will be liars.

You are not encouraging their curiosity

There are so many different ways to spark and satisfy children's curiosity. Through video lessons, books, fun games, children's theater, museum tours, etc. Why is this important? Children build their creativity from a young age. If your child is good at math, but you haven't encouraged him, then you've thwarted his ability to perform well in activities that would require logical and quick thinking.

And in general, in order for a child to realize himself in life, to have self-confidence that he can, knows, from a young age it is important to be familiar with at least a small part of the interesting things in the world around us.

You don't apologize to them

Are parents always right with their children? Maybe it's good to think about those moments when we hurt them because of a bad day, when we forget that we were kids too. There are parents who think that it is not necessary to apologize for their mistakes, to admit their emotions.

The bad thing is that children remain hurt, keep the bad memories and later in life it may be difficult for them to build good relationships with a love partner, friends, their own children.

Suppressing Children's Emotions

In raising children, discipline is important, but neglecting their emotions can prove harmful to them. Criticizing them for not crying, for being too dramatic in certain situations, instills in them an adult who will hide their emotions. In addition, in this way you distance them from you, from sharing with you when they have difficult periods or happy news.They won't look to you for advice because they know you'll rebuke them like you used to.

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