8 Things You Never Thought You'd Do As Parents

8 Things You Never Thought You'd Do As Parents
8 Things You Never Thought You'd Do As Parents

Before we became parents, each of us must have said about some irritating parenting habit - " I will never do that ". And some time after that, maybe months, maybe years, the miracle happens and we find ourselves in the position of parents. And we find that exactly those practices or habits that were unpleasant to us in the behavior of other parents, exactly those things we do as well, although rarely. Even though we swore we would never, ever do them. A real irony, isn't it?

In order to make you laugh, we will present you a short list of some of these parenting actions and invite you to share your experience by commenting on the topic.

Use saliva to clean

How many times before have you told yourself that this is really gross? And yes, that's right, it's quite an unpleasant and unhygienic action. But there is hardly a parent who has not at least once been outside with the child, left without his arsenal of all kinds of dry and wet wipes, even without water at hand and had to resort to this measure. We highly doubt that there are that many exemplary parents to whom this has not happened. And if there is, well done!

Surrender to the child's cry

Before you had a child, you must have witnessed the following situation in the store - a mother pushing a shopping cart, dragging a screaming child who wants another bag of candy, until at some point the mother just gives in and buys the candy, just to smell the kid. Watching from the sidelines, you must have judged that this was a big mistake, right? That the mother handed over the power to the child after she couldn't stand the hysterical screaming.Until years later, like in a slightly schizophrenic deja vu, you find yourself in the same situation, buying into the child's sweet temptation, praying in your mind that it will finally shut up. Yes? That's what we thought.

To sleep together

You must have sworn and vowed many times that you will not sleep in the same bed with the child. Everyone has a bed - to sleep in it. It looks very easy from the outside, we agree. By the time you are exhausted and need at least 2-3 hours of sleep, and to get it, you are ready for anything. Even if you sleep in the same bed with the child/children.

Losing out of your childless friends

Have you promised your friends that nothing will tear you apart, least of all the children? But years later you see that even though you wanted it, it's not so easy to keep your promise. More and more often you go out with acquaintances and friends who have children, you have common topics of conversation, and the little ones play together. A true idyll.And you have less and less time to hang out with your friends who don't share the same daily life as you, due to your lack of children.

Yell at the kids

Most of us must have planned to be as gentle and loving parents as possible, not imagining that children would put us to serious tests. And when that happens, we sometimes find ourselves raising our voice even though we swore we never would.

Give him junk food or unhe althy dessert/snack

To all you parents who have never given such junk food to your child, congratulations! For the rest of us who have slipped up and bought our kid a not-so-he althy dessert, welcome to the club!

To overdo the posts about the child on social networks

You used to get annoyed with your friends with kids who constantly bombard your newsfeed with pictures capturing their little treasure's every step, bite, or word.But time goes by imperceptibly until the moment you feel that you too have started to overdo it with posting and sharing pictures of the children.

Let the TV be the babysitter

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that young children watch no more than 2 hours of television per day. But surely every parent has had rough nights where they barely managed to sleep, whether due to the child's illness, teething or some other problem, and as a result of the lack of sleep they tend to let the child watch a little more TV, just to sleep We understand you completely. It is not right to make this a practice, but in exceptional cases it is permissible, right?

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