Teething - how to ease the discomfort

Teething - how to ease the discomfort
Teething - how to ease the discomfort

The appearance of a baby in the life of every family is perhaps the most wonderful moment. The excitement and emotions are indescribable, but along with reasons for parents to smile, a number of challenges appear already in the first weeks after birth.

The first more special period is the appearance of colic, which causes discomfort to the baby. After the stomach cramps subside, however, another, even more challenging, and significantly longer period sets in. This is the teething stage of the baby, which can cause many sleepless nights, irritability and frequent crying of the little one. Sometimes the pain and irritation of the gums from the teething can be so unpleasant that the child cannot sleep and cries almost inconsolably all night.

What are the most common signs that discomfort is caused by teething?

  • Irritability;
  • Increased production of saliva, drooling;
  • Chewing;
  • Shrill roar, for no apparent reason.

At such times, every parent's nerves are stretched to the limit, and any possible means of alleviating the discomfort is welcome.

In the following lines, we will mention some suitable methods to relieve the pain of teething and hope we are useful for you.

Massage the gums

When you feel that the baby is very irritable, restless, especially during the night, it is very likely that he is suffering from teething. In these moments, we resort to all sorts of means of soothing, one of which is gel massage. You can massage your baby's gums with a chilled mouth toy to soothe irritation.

Another suitable option is again massaging the gums with a suitable gel to relieve teething pain.

One great tool is Kin Baby Teething Gel Balm. The gel relieves the pain of teething, thanks to the effective combination of chamomile and sage extracts, together with provitamin B5. Kin Baby Gel-balm cares for the baby's gums and protects them, while providing a feeling of freshness. The product has a pleasant strawberry aroma.


Turn into baby's chew toy

Sometimes one of the most soothing remedies for a child can be simply chewing on mommy or daddy's finger. You may be surprised, but actually very often it happens that it is this play with mom's finger that puts an end to the high-pitched roar and irritability. For this purpose, it is important that the fingers are very well cleaned.And for an even greater effect, you can cool them with cold water before serving them to the little one.

While playing with your finger, you can also try the following - use your fingers to press the gums, put pressure on them. This is also a good way to soothe the pain.

Offer him cold food

If the child is older than 6 months and you have already fed him different foods, you can try to relieve the discomfort with well-chilled food. Especially in summer, this is an easy and pleasant method, without the risk of catching a cold. It is appropriate to offer the child cold yogurt, chilled applesauce, frozen fruit. If the child eats cookies, they are also a good option, because with the hard pieces, the child scratches the gums and gradually calms down.


Distract the child with white noise

At some times, it may be enough for the baby to simply distract himself from the discomfort and this will take him away from the unpleasant feeling. One of the quick and easy ways is to play him so-called white noise - the noise of a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner, which can calm him down.

Cold Metal Spoon

A very simple trick with a spoon can be your lifeline. For this purpose, you need a small metal spoon (dessert), well cleaned, which you put in the freezer for a few minutes to cool down. Then take it out and you can use it to gently massage the baby's gums.

Cuddle and caress

This method is the most favorite of every mother and child. There is no cure more magical than a mother's hug and kiss, so don't be afraid to apply this foolproof method. A tighter hug accompanied by steady rocking and singing is sometimes the best way to soothe any pain and discomfort.

Keep Calm

Last but not least – try to keep calm. Yes, we know it's extremely difficult, especially when you're sleep-deprived, exhausted and on the verge of passing out. But know that this too shall pass, and soon be behind you only as a faint memory.The good times together are ahead!

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