UNICEF Bulgaria launches a free app for parents

UNICEF Bulgaria launches a free app for parents
UNICEF Bulgaria launches a free app for parents

On Children's Day, UNICEF Bulgaria, in partnership with the Ministry of He alth, presents "Bebbo" - a free application in Bulgarian, created to support parents in caring for children in the first years of their lives - from birth to the first day of school.

The mobile app contains expert advice on a range of issues related to child he alth and development. In it, parents can find information about breastfeeding, feeding and early learning opportunities. Bebbo allows them to track key milestones in the child's development by recording growth progress, tracking the immunization schedule and entering information about the child's vaccinations and he alth check-ups.

Through examples in special videos, parents can check what the child's key achievements are for the respective age and receive guidance on how to stimulate his development. The app also offers many game ideas that support children's learning, development and social skills, as well as recommendation articles on various topics written by experts.

"With this innovative digital tool, we want to support parents with reliable and well-organized information, as they are the most important people in the first years of every child's life," said Christina de Bruyn, UNICEF representative in Bulgaria. "I encourage all parents to download the free Bebbo app and give their children a good start in life," she added.

The Ministry of He alth supports the application developed by UNICEF.

“I applaud your every step toward the well-being and happiness of every child, regardless of race, gender, age, or ethnicity.This is an extremely noble mission - one of the most important, which should be the priority of any developed society. It is also our common goal. I am convinced that efforts to achieve it should start from the earliest childhood. That is why the Ministry of He alth supports the adaptation of a mobile application for parents of children up to 72 months in Bulgaria", said the Minister of He alth Prof. Asena Serbezova.

The content of the app can be customized according to the age of the child. "Bebbo" can be used by both parents for one or more children at the same time.

In Bulgaria, one of the first users and friends of "Bebbo" are the singer Polly Genova, the actor and producer Alek Alexiev and the Bulgarian snowboard champion Sani Zhekova. As parents, they share that the app is easy to use and a valuable helper in childcare.

“UNICEF Bebbo app is completely free. It was developed together with early childhood development specialists, which means we can trust it," shared Polly Genova, a mother of two.

“I like that you can set the data for both kids and track their progress depending on how old they are. There are also games that are applied to all indicators, that is, you can further develop certain skills if you doubt that the child needs a little more help," she emphasized.

The app is a regional initiative of UNICEF and has already helped over 70,000 parents in 11 countries in Europe and Central Asia.

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