Funny things every parent does

Funny things every parent does
Funny things every parent does

No matter how different people are, when they become parents they imperceptibly begin to acquire relatively similar habits towards their children, which sometimes put them in comical situations. And because every parent wants the best for their child, wants to protect them from all the monsters that hide under the bed, wants not to get scalded by the soup when they eat, and most of all, they feel that their child is little, no matter how real it has grown, all this makes most parents fall into some similar funny situations.

There's a good chance you'll recognize some of the following funny parenting actions.

You speak slowly and expressively long after your child has spoken

You are used to your little one not understanding you, so you speak to him at length, slowly and distinctly. This habit takes root in many parents who continue to address their children in this way long after they have spoken freely.

You are using baby language with grown children

This is one of the funniest and funniest pictures seen from the side - a parent speaking in a coddled and babyish tone to a child who is already capable of even saying a dirty word. It's true that most parents don't want their children to grow up, but baby talk is unacceptable, according to experts and educators, even in infancy.

You call your partner "Mom" and "Dad"

Almost every parent has unknowingly fallen into such a funny situation. Past the child addressing you as "mom" or "dad" unconsciously, and you pick up on these addresses, using them in the moments when you address your partner.It's even funnier when you do it when the child isn't around and there's no one to defend yourself against with "baby", "bear", "sweetie" and other such flattering addresses between partners in a couple.

You keep asking if someone needs to go to the bathroom

Little children rarely realize that they need to go to the toilet, which causes minor trouble when they drop in their pants. This fact gets you into the habit of constantly asking if someone needs the bathroom, even when your kids are grown and can handle it themselves.

You pick up the child to smell it

Parents get into this habit while babies are small and need frequent diaper changes. However, it is strange how some parents find themselves in the ridiculous situation of smelling a child who is older and who can only tell if he needs to go to the toilet.

Rock the child like a baby

Many parents share how the habit of rocking a small baby's arms is imprinted in their muscle memory, and when they hug an older child in their arms, they instinctively want to rock him too.It's even funnier when you're rocking your partner too, when you're snuggling together on the couch in front of the TV, for example.

You cover the child's eyes or change the channel

For most parents, it is disturbing, downright embarrassing, to watch embarrassing scenes on TV or in a movie. Their first reaction is to either cover the child's eyes or change the channel. This habit remains even after the children grow up.

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