Venus in Virgo on July 22 - which signs will have a good love?

Venus in Virgo on July 22 - which signs will have a good love?
Venus in Virgo on July 22 - which signs will have a good love?

On July 22, another cosmic event awaits us - Venus enters the sign of Virgo. It will stay that way until August 16. Virgo is a practical earth sign, but also fickle. However, those born under this sign love to help others.

Venus is the planet of feelings. In the sign of Virgo, she has the unique ability to make Virgos more sensual, emotional-pragmatic.

In the coming weeks, Venus in Virgo will teach us how to be more pragmatic and in touch with our feelings. Do you feel energized? Do something useful. Are you feeling emotional? Talk to your friends, especially if they include representatives of the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.Venus in Virgo makes harmonious aspects to Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, which is a great transit for all kinds of practical projects.

During this transit, representatives of three zodiac signs will have a dynamic love period.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It brings us satisfaction, harmony in our relationships - it inspires us to seek beauty and share it. Now is a great time for love, intimacy.

Virgo is the sign most strongly associated with perfectionism and achievement. Virgos are meticulous, oriented to organizational details. Sometimes they are difficult to work with. They are elitist and disciplined. When Venus is in Virgo, we seek a unique perspective on romance and love.

If one's love relationship is not going smoothly, this transit will help us start over.

Which zodiac signs will see an improvement in their love life?

Taurus Sign

Taurus will be overwhelmed by that mood that makes them realize that they need action, change. While dark thoughts may enter your mind, you will use them as fuel for your next move, which in this case is about clearing all the problems that exist in your current relationship.

If you want to stay with your current partner, you have to make an effort, if not, you may decide to break up. Caring, solving every little problem. If you and your loved one have faith, use the energy of this transit to build on the love.

Virgo Sign

This cosmic event can have a positive impact on your love life and in a way you expect. You will want to talk to your loved one, not to hold anything back, but you will also provoke the other person to talk. No secrets, willing to fix what's wrong. This is your time, Devi! Take advantage and be happy!

Zodiac Capricorn

Capricorns, like Virgos, are quite picky and demanding, always looking for the best, even in terms of love. You are willing to put in the time and effort to upgrade your own romantic life. Emotional changes are needed in your world if you want to make things work. Virgo and Venus will guide and support you. You know what you are ready to give in love, but you also know what you want your partner to put in. A wonderful period for you, take advantage!

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