5 is a sign that people like you and are attracted to you

5 is a sign that people like you and are attracted to you
5 is a sign that people like you and are attracted to you

Looks are not enough to make you attractive. Radiance, charisma and charm, the way you communicate and present yourself to others, have much more powerful influences on the desire of others to be around you. If you spot a good-looking person, you will say to yourself, “Wonderful! He/she has taste!”. But if he's charming and has a magnetic quality that makes others want to associate with him, that's noticeable on a whole other level and has nothing to do with looks.

If you haven't realized until now how charming and attractive you are to other people, here are the signs that give it away. You might be pleasantly surprised.

1. People invade your personal space quite easily

Human behavior has its instinctive reasons. If you don't build 10-meter walls between you and the outside world, it signals to others that they can easily communicate with you. That is why they very easily enter your personal space, break the ice and shorten the distance - because you yourself do it or create conditions for such direct communication.

2. People are happy in your company

Unattractive people create tension around them. They are difficult to communicate with and others feel it. When there is tension surrounding a person, the likelihood that most people will want to communicate with him/her is slim. While it's different with you - you always have a rich social circle.

You easily meet new people, you easily work with colleagues, you always know what to say at the right moment. You also have a wonderful sense of humor that makes everyone laugh. This makes people around you feel comfortable communicating with you and want to spend more time in your company.

3. People are not afraid to touch you during a conversation

You are an attractive person who brings a lot of charm and charm, thanks to which others want to communicate more closely with you. Touching is a way of saying this. It happens instinctively and in most cases is dictated by your friendliness and ability to be inclusive.

5. You yourself show interest in other people

Communication is based on interests of all types. It is one of the unifying elements that bind people together. Think about it - who would want to communicate with you if you openly show a lack of interest. And vice versa - you show interest in people, they reciprocate in a similar way. A symbiosis is produced, which is important for the feeling of attraction.

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