11 things you push people away from you

11 things you push people away from you
11 things you push people away from you

No one is perfect. We make a lot of mistakes towards ourselves, towards the people around us. Sometimes we learn a lesson and try not to let them happen again. However, there are specifics of our character and behavior that can be a serious obstacle in communicating with others and building and maintaining good relationships. Traits with which we push them away from us.

What to watch out for in your behavior?

1. You are self absorbed. According to Western psychologists, being self-absorbed is a psychological dysfunction and that it is common in narcissistic personalities.

2. You exude self-doubt. Do you constantly need someone to affirm your worth as a person? In work, love, friendships… Insecurity can definitely push some people away from you.

3. You have a rude attitude. It may not be expressed in scandals and quarrels. You can also be rude when criticizing someone.

4. You are envious. Remember that life is not a race and you should not measure your progress in life with that of others.

5. You play the role of victim. Everyone has their tough times in life, but if you're constantly dramatizing and complaining about life, you're definitely not going to be desirable company.

6. Most of the time you are negative about everything. Imagine that everything around you is without color, only gray and gloomy, even on a very sunny day. You won't feel good, will you? It's the same with negative people. They bring only gloom, so others distance themselves from them.

7. Bragging rights. Braggarts are usually self-centered individuals. It often turns out that they don't have real friends because they just can't be like that.

8. You focus on your appearance but neglect your behavior. As a result, you behave arrogantly, you are inconsistent in your promises.

9. Lack of empathy or feigning empathy. Being empathetic isn't for everyone. Some people even pretend to care about others just to please them or further benefit themselves.

10. You are not trustworthy. This trait can repel colleagues, friends, a romantic partner from you. Not being reliable means not being serious about someone, about something. To have a sharp divergence in words and actions.

11. You serve. There is no person who does not lie, but there is a type of people who like to lie often about small or important things to please themselves, to get out of a difficult situation or just like that. Liars often believe that others have not caught them, but they are wrong.

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