Which habits harm mental he alth

Which habits harm mental he alth
Which habits harm mental he alth

Everyone has their good and bad habits. It is always better for us that the first kind prevails over the second. Every habit of ours has a positive or negative impact on our mental he alth. We live so fast that we rarely think about it. Just as bad habits can be harmful to our physical he alth, they can also negatively affect our psyche. Negative thoughts are first on the list, see the others too.

Over perfectionism

The pursuit of perfection can be seen as a he althy habit, especially when we are trying to achieve success. On the other hand, however, the constant need to be perfect in work, family, personal life can harm your efforts, especially if something does not go according to your wishes.

According to psychologists, perfectionism can be positive or negative. Positivity helps us give our best, and the habits associated with it include setting realistic goals, rejecting failures, seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth. Stress and anxiety are within he althy limits.

But habits of negative perfectionism are about setting standards beyond our reach. We are unhappy when we are not perfect, we constantly worry about failure.

Bad Posture

Bad posture doesn't just make us less attractive. According to a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, good posture can reduce the risk of depression. Results of other studies show that good posture can improve our self-esteem and mood, even reduce fatigue.


This is a bad habit that also harms our mental he alth.Its beginning is often placed in childhood. As we get older, the emotional trap of guilt matures, especially if there are people around us who constantly try to put this feeling on us, even if it's not our fault. The feeling of guilt gradually increases our problems, we make big ones out of small ones, we consider ourselves a bad person, that we don't deserve certain pleasures, etc.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A number of studies prove that regular sports activity reduces stress and anxiety, reduces the risk of depression. When we exercise, our body balances hormones, releases chemicals that help us feel good. People who do sports have better self-esteem, motivation at work, eat he althier.


There are people who take life as a competition with others. They constantly compare how successful they are, whether they have a partner or not, etc. If it turns out that there are people around them who, according to their understanding, lead a better and happier lifestyle, they start to feel sorry for themselves.They often reflect on the past, what might have been if a certain thing had happened; what mistakes they make so that they don't have happiness; why they don't have a partner by their side, etc. All this has a negative effect on the psyche.

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