Palo santo – removes negative energy and reduces stress

Palo santo – removes negative energy and reduces stress
Palo santo – removes negative energy and reduces stress

There is no doubt that the energy in our home, the one we receive from the people we interact with, affects our well-being to some extent. That's why we like to place good luck and positive energy figurines, crystals or wear them as an accessory in our home.

Have you heard of palo santo?

Palo santo means "sacred tree" and is obtained from palo santo trees, which are found mostly in South America and in some regions of Central America. They are part of the citrus family. For its extraction, he althy trees are not destroyed, but those that have naturally died are used.Palo santo is lit as we light incense sticks, pyramids. It burns slowly and has a woody aroma with notes of pine, lemon and mint.


Palo santo is believed to improve the energy in the room where its aroma wafts. It can also be found in the form of an essential oil that is added to an aroma lamp or diffuser. According to some sources, the oil can also be used for massage, but it must be diluted with base oils (consult a specialist before use). Many celebrities burn palo santo in their homes, such as model Miranda Kerr, businessman Richard Branson, Madonna and others.

Palo santo has been used for thousands of years and nowadays it is believed that in addition to improving and purifying energy levels, its aroma can help with inflammatory reactions such as headaches and stomachaches, reduce stress.

Palo santo is high in resin and when burned, the wood is believed to have purifying properties. According to shamans in South America, palo santo removes negativity, obstacles in life and attracts good luck.

All we have to do to relax with its aroma is to light a small piece of wood, wait for it to burn slightly, then extinguish the flame. We gently shake it and the wood starts to smolder and release its amazing aromas.

We can put a smoldering piece of palo santo in a metal bowl, an ashtray, and walk it around every room in our home to improve energy. A stick from the tree can be used several times until it burns out completely.

The good thing is that we can easily buy palo santo from online stores on the internet or in physical stores that offer fragrances and home decoration.

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