5 stones to balance physical and emotional he alth

5 stones to balance physical and emotional he alth
5 stones to balance physical and emotional he alth

Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations used stones and crystals to remove emotional and physical blockages. Today, these beautiful gifts of nature are present in our everyday life in the form of jewelry, home decoration or as an addition to our meditation. Each stone and crystal is unique and carries a certain positive vibration. Check out some of them that can help balance physical and emotional he alth.

White Quartz

The beautiful stone helps us clear our thoughts and pay more attention to our he alth. By clearing the mind of uncertainty, white quartz can be our crystal support when we decide to follow a diet or start a sports activity.


Heliotrope or Bloodstone

It helps improve blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, cell regeneration. Heliotrope is a stone that helps us focus on those areas of our lives that are stagnant. Feeling in a special mood? You need heliotrope because it will also help with mood balance.


Everyone has periods when they feel sluggish, like stuck. Garnet is a stone that clears all blockages so that your life energy can be restored. It improves circulation at the cellular level. If you meditate you can include it in your meditation to clear your thoughts.


A stone that promotes emotional balance. It can be found in different colors which can be placed on all chakras to balance them.

Black Calcite – relieves depression

Blue calcite – releases negative emotions and calms.

Orange calcite – for balance of emotions, for more courage, for depression.

Pink/Red Calcite – helps eliminate grief, depression.


Stress is part of everyone's daily life. This sky blue stone can help us achieve more peace and happiness, relax tense muscles by placing the stone on the desired area. You can decorate it in the bedroom to bring harmonious energy and peaceful sleep.

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