A parable about happiness

A parable about happiness
A parable about happiness

All our lives we look for it, pursue it, pass it by. Happiness! It is always with us, we just have to learn to notice it in the little things, in the days when we think nothing is happening to us. Today in our column "Proverbs, wisdom, quotes" we share an instructive parable about happiness.

Happiness passed through the forest, but fell into a deep pit. It started to cry, but at that moment a man passed by the pit. Happiness began to cry for help.

– What will you give me in return? - the man asked.

– What do you want? - replied Happiness.

– I want a big and beautiful house with a sea view.

In an instant the man's wish came true, he ran to his new expensive house and forgot about Happiness in the pit. It began to scream even louder. Another man passed by the pit and heard his cries.

– Man, get me out of here. – asked Happiness.

– What will you give me in return? – asked the man.

– Whatever you want. - replied Happiness.

– I want many cars, all expensive and nice. – the man wished.

His wish also came true, and he didn't help Happiness either.

It lost hope, but not long after another man passed by who pulled him out of the deep pit and continued on his way. Happiness caught up with him and asked him what he wanted in return, and the man said he didn't need anything. So happiness followed him without ever leaving him.

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