5 Beliefs We'll Break Up With at Some Point

5 Beliefs We'll Break Up With at Some Point
5 Beliefs We'll Break Up With at Some Point

Everyone has their own story and it is often hidden in their thoughts and beliefs. They make us who we are, determine our attitude, actions and direction. Becoming wiser with age and gaining life experience, we part with some of our beliefs. But there are some we don't want to let go, and they definitely don't help us. Who they are, see in the following lines. And don't forget that sooner or later you will part with them too and you won't miss them.

“I need to realize another success right now.”

Even without realizing it, we have moments in life where our obsession with productivity and achievement manifests as constant dissatisfaction. The ego pressures us, makes us believe that we are not good enough.Unfortunately, this belief has no building block. It does not help us to seek new sources of inspiration or to improve our skills with positivity. It steals our peace and we believe we never do enough.

“When I get what I want, I will be happy.”

Another wrong belief that sooner or later we will part with. Even though we know that happiness originates within ourselves, we still seem to chase after what we believe will make us feel better. The effect is always the opposite.

“Achieving inner peace is difficult.”

Another belief that we don't need and that is holding us back. It takes a long time for a person to change his way of thinking, attitude towards some aspects of life. If you need balance, and you've heard that for example yoga or meditation would help, don't give up when you don't achieve it at the first attempts. If this turns out not to be your practice, try something else.Inner peace is achieved when we turn our beliefs upside down.

“There are things in the past…”

We often identify with bad past periods of our lives that prevent us from enjoying the present. We allow ourselves to be defined as individuals based on these events and feel the need to share them with everyone we know.

Are we giving too much importance to memories and beliefs we don't need?

“I am obliged to, to, for…”

One of the most common beliefs that act destructively for the personality. This is a pattern that has been ingrained in us since childhood. To feel obliged to someone, for something, no matter that you trample your beliefs, desires, needs, that you don't feel happy, that everything you do as an obligation is forced. One owes only to oneself.

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