Lunar diet for September

Lunar diet for September
Lunar diet for September

With the arrival of each new month, we look at the calendar. It's time for the Moon Diet. Following the Moon Diet requires us to watch for certain phases of the Moon. After the beginning of each phase, within 24 hours, only water, herbal teas, fresh fruits and vegetables are consumed. Alcohol, sweeteners, dairy and other foods are not allowed.

An exception to the consumption of more sugary fruits can be made by those who are now getting used to this food plan and feel weak. Of course, if you feel unwell during the lunar diet, you should stop it immediately. This regimen is not for everyone, so it is also important to consult a doctor if you have any medical conditions.

The lunar diet is a detox diet.It helps us to eliminate not only part of the excess fluids in the body, but also toxins. It can be a good start to a he althier way of eating, in which we exclude or reduce to a minimum the consumption of sausages, sugar products, carbonated drinks, juice in a box, pasta, packaged treats.

After the relevant phase of the Moon has passed, don't make the mistake of immediately stuffing yourself with your favorite junk food. It makes your efforts worthless. Gradually feed your body with homemade broths, not from ready-made cubes.

Add some potato, yogurt, some fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. By being able to eat he althy between phases of the lunar diet, it will be easier for you to follow the detox plan, but you should also feel lighter, more energetic.

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