Paleo diet - what we don't know about it?

Paleo diet - what we don't know about it?
Paleo diet - what we don't know about it?

The pursuit of good shape is as old as the world. Every year something more is added to the list of feeding methods. Nutritionists and researchers do not stop competing in studies about the impact of different foods on the body, and the goal remains the same - how to preserve youth and vitality for a longer time

Sometimes the most modern food trends draw ideas from our past and trace the eating habits of ancient people. One such regimen is the paleo diet. What is characteristic of her?

At its core, it represents a return to prehistoric times and the consumption of foods that were characteristic of our ancestors.Although we don't have to chase our dinner these days, proponents of this diet try to eat foods that are as close as possible to their natural state in nature-meat from pasture-raised animals, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and seeds and nuts.

In the lighter versions of this regime, the consumption of low-fat dairy products and potatoes is allowed. In a stricter version, however, fruit is limited because of the sugar content.

The foundations of this diet were laid in the 1970s by a gastroenterologist who published a book on a similar method of eating. Proponents of the paleo diet argue that eating pre-agricultural foods may be key to gut and digestive he alth. Many of the foods that we consume in abundance today - legumes, potatoes, s alt, dairy products, refined fats, processed foods cause inflammatory processes in the body.This is why the paleo diet can be beneficial in preventing these conditions. As for results, according to expert nutritionist Kelly Torrence, "This is a lifelong program, not a quick-fire method." The low levels of sugars, the elimination of processed foods and s alt implies a method of nutrition that is as close to nature as possible.

What are the benefits of this diet?

Enhancing immune defense

Abundant consumption of fruits and vegetables will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Fiber prevents sudden weight gain, as well as reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes. High levels of vitamins C, A and E will have a positive effect on your body's immune defenses.

Weight Loss

This diet can help you control your weight because the foods consumed will help you feel fuller for a longer time.

Diabetes Control

If you have a disease or suspect it, always consult a specialist before changing your diet. If he gives you the go-ahead, this diet may be right for you as your sugar and carbohydrate intake is kept to a minimum.

What would a sample paleo menu for a day look like?

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, some grapes;
  • Lunch: Green salad with olive oil and lemon dressing, roasted cauliflower;
  • Dinner: Beef steak with steamed asparagus.

If you are not ready to switch to such a diet, you can always make it part of your daily routine by choosing one of your meals to consist of raw or unprocessed foods rich in fiber and protein.

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