10 ways to clear your home of negative energy

10 ways to clear your home of negative energy
10 ways to clear your home of negative energy

We've all heard of negative energy. What are the signs that you have one in your home? Think about how it makes you feel. Are you sluggish, tired, have tension built up? Negative energy makes people feel overwhelmed and restless, they often have quarrels with other residents of the home. Accumulated negative energy creates feelings of fear, anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy and hatred.

If all this sounds familiar, check out 10 easy steps to eliminate negative energy from home.

Clear the Clutter – In an untidy home there is always stagnant negative energy, stress. Certainly not all things are necessary for you, no matter how much you love them. Broken objects, mirrors, old clothes, magazines, also have no place in your home.

Good ventilation - The easiest way to clear negative energy from your home, especially after a visit from a toxic person, is to open the windows to give every room a good airing.

Aroma sticks with incense – incense cleans negative energy, bad vibrations.

Decorate some crystals – There are a number of beautiful stones that are known to reduce negative vibrations, improve sleep, feelings of happiness, harmony, protection from so-called energy vampires. Obsidian, amethyst, black tourmaline, tiger's eye and citrine are some of the best for this purpose.


Palo santo – this is another alternative to incense sticks to improve the energy in the home. You can read more about palo santo here.


Wind Chimes – They are beautiful and you can find them in different variations so that they can match your interior and even the season. It is the wind that moves them when the bells are placed on a balcony, window, but of course when there is no wind or they are in your home, you can also touch them to make a sound from them.

Tibetan Singing Bowls - These are especially nice to use to clear negative vibrations and welcome positive energy into the home. Their sound is soothing.

Add Houseplants – If you don't have any. He althy indoor plants create an environment of calm and peace.

Light up your space – Dark walls and furniture, low lighting, can negatively affect your mood, increase your anxiety. Therefore, make sure that there is more light in the home, surround yourself with a brighter and fresher interior that will bring back your happiness.

Light candles – Candles symbolize many things. From romance to healing. You can place them in your home and light them whenever you want to improve the overall atmosphere and fill your home with good energy. Here you can see more about what candle colors to choose and their influence. Be sure to use high-quality ones, as others emit harmful chemicals when burned.

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