Tricks with which we will speed up the metabolism

Tricks with which we will speed up the metabolism
Tricks with which we will speed up the metabolism

We will often hear the term "metabolism" when discussing topics related to he alth, weight loss and nutrition. A fast metabolism means that you absorb and use up the calories and nutrients you eat quickly. And vice versa - a slow metabolism means that the rate of metabolism is slowed down.

In the first case we will have a person in good shape, and in the second - an overweight person. Low metabolic rates mean that we will burn fewer calories both at rest and during activity, respectively - in order not to gain weight, we need to take in fewer of them. For many of us, however, that's exactly the problem – we don't have a built-in calorie counter and instinctively eat more food than we need.A sign of this is the following conditions – if you feel constant fatigue, are sleepy, have constipation, persistent headache, weight gain, dry skin, brittle hair, etc.

Unfortunately, part of the "culprit" for our metabolic rates is genes. There's not much we can do to change our genetic background, but we can take steps to improve our metabolism. What are they?

Eat more ginger

Studies show that consuming ginger every day can speed up metabolism. This makes this spice a faithful ally in the battle for a slimmer figure.

Control your stress levels

To be able to restore your exchange levels, controlling your stress levels is key. High stress levels unlock mechanisms and release hormones in the body that cause it to slow down metabolic processes. Try to lower your stress levels - communicate more, share your problems - whether with loved ones or with a specialist - the choice is yours.

Good hydration

Water is a vital liquid that, in addition to quenching thirst, also helps rid the body of toxins, regulates blood sugar levels and burns calories. Not drinking enough water can slow down your metabolism and make losing weight more difficult. The amount recommended for women is about 2.5 liters; and for men - about 3 liters. Drinking water can cause you to burn more calories while your body is at rest.

Be careful with carbs

All carbohydrates are converted into sugars, which, once in the bloodstream, cause blood sugar levels to rise. The body stores the unspent calories from them, turning them into a store of fat - accordingly - we gain weight. Replacing carbohydrates with he althy fats (olives, olives, avocados) and proteins (meat, fish, eggs) will make us feel fuller for longer, thus reducing calorie intake.

Incorporate resistance training into your regimen

It has been proven that this type of training can speed up the metabolism by up to 15%. They use large groups of muscles, and the goal is for the body to overcome a certain resistance by exercising. This can be achieved by training with rubber bands, medicine balls or your own body weight. This leads to an increase in muscle mass, and therefore to the burning of more calories while the body is in a state of rest.

Eat more avocados

Avocado contains useful vegetable fats, which, in addition to being nutritious, can also lead to the burning of fat in our body. A study from the University of Arizona proved that eating half an avocado during lunch led to faster satiety and reduced feelings of hunger for a period of 4 hours after consumption.

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