Lunar diet for August

Lunar diet for August
Lunar diet for August

With the arrival of each new month, we look at the calendar. We know it's time for the Moon Diet.In the summer months, this de-stressing regime is easy and enjoyable to follow as we have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The lunar diet requires following the phases of the moon, which are believed to affect the body in a certain way. Then we can more easily eliminate part of the excess fluids in the body, toxins, and of course, if we wish, we can also start a he althier diet, without sugar and pasta products, sausages, packaged delicacies.

Each phase of the lunar diet is within 24 hours, during which only fresh juices are consumed - fruit and vegetable, water, herbal teas, maybe coffee. We may feel a headache, but this is usually due to the detoxification of the body.

If you will follow the lunar diet for the first time (and not only) and you feel weak, you can eat 1-2 more sugary fruits or fresh vegetables, but without spices, olive oil. The lunar diet does not allow dairy foods, nor sweeteners, honey.

What happens when the corresponding phase of the moon ends? Time to power up. Feeding is the gradual inclusion in the daily menu of foods such as yogurt, clear homemade broths, boiled or baked potato, fish, chicken or turkey meat in small quantities. This is how we reduce the risk of stomach ailments.

If you aim to improve your diet and make it he althier, try not to consume harmful foods or to have them in minimal quantities until the next phase of the lunar diet.

You can also write down the phases of the moon for the month of August:

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