What does the Pilates method help with?

What does the Pilates method help with?
What does the Pilates method help with?

In the struggle for a beautiful figure, we women tend to try everything. Exhausting diets, hours spent in the gym and what not. Sometimes, unfortunately, even our best efforts turn out to be in vain. After we have done an exhausting workout, we often "reward" ourselves with a delicious ice cream, for example. However, such a "reward" can become the pebble that "turns the car" of our caloric intake for the day. So – we exercise more, but also eat more…

It has been proven that for effective weight loss, food plays an even more important role than exercise. Is there a way to exercise without exhausting ourselves? Yes! Here we can share about a set of movements that will sculpt your body without leaving you overly tired.We have all heard of this system of exercises - the Pilates method. It was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, and its creator was Joseph Pilates - a trainer from Germany.

What is Pilates?

This is a kind of training, but not only for the body, but also for the spirit. The movements are smooth, without a large amplitude. For their correct performance, a large and strong middle part of the body (abdomen) is needed, which is the basis of a he althy and proportional figure. The founder of this system claims that it is intended for people who want to achieve, through movement, an improvement in the he alth of both the body and the spirit.

What does the method help with

This system is suitable for ladies who want to achieve a harmonious and tight body, without visibly expressed muscles. Due to the specifics of the movements, the musculature is strengthened and strengthened, without, however, at the expense of the increased volume of the body. Pilates practitioners claim that your body will "elongate," taking on a more athletic appearance.If you're a fan (or a fan) of smoother movements, and want to complement your yoga routine with something a little more dynamic and demanding - then Pilates is just for you.

Who is this system suitable for

Practically for everyone! Regardless of your gender, age or fitness level. Pilates is suitable for people who have suffered a physical injury and cannot perform heavy training. The exercises of this method can also be performed for lower back and back problems, as many of them are done on the floor - where the hands can be used as support.

He alth Benefits of Pilates

Pilates looks at the body as a whole, focusing on abdominal, lower and upper body strength as well as flexibility and overall posture.

Helps reduce weight

If you practice Pilates regularly, it will change your body. It will make your muscles long and strong, helping you to have better posture and more control of body movements.In combination with aerobic movements, it can be the right combination to reduce extra pounds.

Increases body flexibility

Due to the specifics of the movements, the method helps to strengthen the body as a whole, makes it more flexible, and this can protect us from injuries and traumas.

Increases abdominal strength

Strong and he althy abdominal muscles protect the waist and back from injury. In addition, they support strong hip joints and help the body recover after childbirth.

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