What are the most important benefits of planks

What are the most important benefits of planks
What are the most important benefits of planks

Plank is one of the most effective exercises that tightens and shapes the whole body. When performing a plank with all its modifications, all muscle groups are strained, which has many benefits for the whole body. If you do planks regularly, your whole body will thank you because you burn fat efficiently while tightening all muscle groups.

What are the main benefits of planks to do this exercise every day?

Planks strengthen the whole body

If you like to do exercises that target all muscle groups, the plank is one of them. If you haven't already incorporated a plank into your workout routine, do it.Thanks to the planks, you will tighten the whole body and shape beautiful muscles, while burning excess fat.

Planks improve posture

Performing a plank correctly is a good strategy for improving posture. If you try to do the plank correctly, it will help you improve your standing and sitting posture as well.

Planks help reduce lower back pain

The correct execution of the planks has a positive effect not only on the posture, but also on the tightening of the back and abdominal muscles. This is of great importance for the proper maintenance of the lower back and the reduction of pain in it. If you have lower back problems, the plank is your exercise.

Plank improves body balance

When you do a plank, it challenges your body to maintain its balance for a period of time where all the muscles are tensed to hold you in the pose.Doing this exercise helps improve your balance, which keeps you from getting injured in your daily life and during exercise.

Plank improves flexibility

It may seem unbelievable to you, but plank improves flexibility. Although this exercise keeps you static in one pose, regular plank practice improves balance, range of motion, and joint mobility. Doing plank modifications that require you to hold and maintain your balance while performing added movements takes your musculature and flexibility to an even higher level.

Side planks contribute to improving the flexibility of the spine by working the abdominal muscles, including the lateral ones. The exercise also stretches the arches of the feet, which improves balance and flexibility in the ankle joints.

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