How smart people self-sabotage

How smart people self-sabotage
How smart people self-sabotage

Perhaps everyone has an acquaintance, a classmate, who performed brilliantly during his school years, but to date cannot boast of particular successes and realization, and it may even turn out that these, who were further behind him, are now more successful. Being smart and intelligent at the same time turns out not to be enough. It's definitely an asset, but it's not everything because you can be smart but self-sabotage your success. How do smart people harm themselves?

Sometimes they devalue other skills like building relationships and focus too much on intellect

This occurs with quite a few people who prove themselves to be good specialists in the field. For them, for example, conducting good communication, diplomacy is a kind of annoyance, it is unnecessary.They do not accept it as a necessary skill that would help them in all areas of life. Therefore, they do not invest their efforts and time in developing the skill of good communication.

Such people usually prefer to use only their strengths and do not think about the areas in which they do not perform as well. Ever since they were children, they know that they are smart, that they do well in school, university, and that is enough for them. Thus they do not develop their other skills, even in some cases their creativity.

Focusing on your greatest strength instead of addressing weaknesses is usually self-sabotaging.

Teamwork can be frustrating

In a team, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. When someone moves faster than others and has high standards for their own performance, it can create difficulties when working with other colleagues who need more time.

Also, another problem that smart people face, especially if they are in leadership positions, is delegating work to their colleagues. Because they think they could do better than them. As a result, they work harder, burden themselves with even more stress, just because they are unwilling to trust and give others a chance.

Too many show how smart they are

This is because a large part of their self-esteem is based on their intelligence. If they happen to communicate or work with other people who are even smarter and more qualified, such communication for them seems threatening, revealing their weaknesses. On the other hand, by constantly trying to demonstrate their superiority over others, they risk being unwanted company.

They get bored easily, but they don't always take risks

Being smart and curious are different things, but both together can definitely lead to good results.There are different types of success that require different skills, like creativity for example. There are also such areas in which it is required to fulfill a certain set of duties. Smart people generally get bored if they feel they are falling into a routine.

And if they stay too long in it, they simply change their workplace to one that would give them more opportunities for variety in work and self-development. But there are also those who stay at one job for more than 10 years, because it is calm, comfortable, they receive a decent salary, they are used to the environment. However, this is how they self-sabotage themselves, especially if they are in a situation that oppresses them and they would not risk changing it.

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