Why do sit-ups cause neck pain?

Why do sit-ups cause neck pain?
Why do sit-ups cause neck pain?

If you want to sculpt beautiful and tight, you are probably betting on sit-ups. When performing sit-ups, the abdominal muscles in the lower and upper part of the abdominal wall, as well as the lateral muscles of the abdomen, are loaded. They are the ones you want to work on. But when neck pain occurs, something is definitely wrong. This is a signal that you are not doing the sit-ups correctly and are causing an unnecessary and even dangerous load on the neck.

If you feel stiffness and pain in your neck while doing sit-ups, you should rethink the way you do them.Neck tension is not the right way to do crunches. Neck pain suggests that you are performing them in a way that puts more strain on your neck muscles than on your target abdominal muscles. This makes sit-ups ineffective.

How to do sit-ups the right way?

Tuck your chin to your chest. This reduces tension and pressure on the abdominal muscles. When performing sit-ups, try to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, sparing those of the neck. This is done most easily by consciously trying not to push your body with the help of the neck, but try to relax it with the chin down towards the chest and abdomen. Tighten only the abdominal muscles and work on them.

The chin-down activates certain muscles that run from the chin to the collarbone, helping to stabilize this area of ​​the body so that you can lift your head and shoulders while performing the exercise.

Avoid placing your hands behind your neck during crunches. Place them on your temples or lightly touch your face. If you put your hands behind your neck, you are unconsciously pressing them down on your head in an attempt to help yourself. This puts pressure on the muscles and pain can occur.

When doing sit-ups remember to engage only the abdominal muscles. Consciously exercise control over pressure by paying attention to where you feel the pressure. If that place is the neck, correct immediately.

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