Personal number and money

Personal number and money
Personal number and money

According to numerology, the date of birth has a strong influence on every aspect of our life. If we do a simple calculation with it, we will get a number that is called personal number. How to calculate yours?

For example, if you were born on 11/3/1981, take a piece of paper and add all the numbers 3+ 1+1+1+9+8+1=24. Now add 2+4. You will get a grand total of 6, which is also your personal number. How it can affect your finances, see in the following lines.

Personal number 1

If your personal number is one, then you will definitely have a financial advantage in life. The number one is a leader and is excellent for building we alth.Characteristic of people with this personal number is that often their financial benefits come from people around them who are good materially.


Personal Number 2

This is one of the worst personal numbers when it comes to finances. It does not reflect we alth because it is assumed that money is always shared or flows to other people. The number two symbolizes delays and disappointments and excessive generosity. Also, people who have this personal number should be careful with debts.

Personal Number 3

This is a natural lucky number that helps to make money easily. However, one of the characteristics of the number is that people who own it spend as much as they earn, which can prevent them from accumulating we alth. Also, as money runs out quickly, loans have to be taken out.Fortunately, this number helps you get out of them with ease.

Personal Number 4

Four is the personal number of those people who will have to work hard for every penny earned. Without the necessary discipline and persistence, the number can bring you poverty. It is also unlikely that you will win the lottery, or if you do, the winnings will be minimal. If you still have small savings, it's good to invest them, because then there is a chance that your funds will start to increase.


Personal Number 5

If your personal number is 5, then you are good in business. It thrives as long as your accounts and your work organization adapt to the environment and changes. People with personal number 5 know how to take care of their employees, but they also like to make donations. Their kindness and judicious generosity are always reciprocated.

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