10 mantras when striving for positive change

10 mantras when striving for positive change
10 mantras when striving for positive change

Nothing in our life is permanent. Everything changes. However, personal transformation is a matter of choice. Every day we have to make so many choices - the clothes to wear, the food, the drinks, which movie to watch, etc. Some choices bring us down, while others can help us improve, even transform our lives in something very nice. But transformations require persistence, courage, it is not always easy to follow them.

Today we share with you 10 positive thoughtsto keep you motivated as you achieve happiness and positive change.

1. I'm doing my best and I know I don't have to be perfect. No one is perfect, but on the way to change, we can improve many things in our lives, in ourselves.

2. I am learning to know myself intimately so that I can make better life choices. The key to transformation is to know ourselves as well as possible.

3. I am focused on my journey of self-transformation. This mantra can help you deal with temptation when you need more willpower and motivation.

4. Every day I grow and learn from my flaws. Our self-transformation begins when we decide we are tired of living a certain way. It all starts with the desire to become a better version of ourselves.


5. I accept that I am in a difficult time, but I know that everything is temporary. When our difficulties become personal transformation and wisdom, we discover opportunities in the world around us.

6. I make decisions that lead to a new way of life. When we know what we want in life, it's easier to go after it, but leaving our comfort zone, which can sometimes end up stagnant.

7. I brave the fear of change. Personal transformation can be difficult and even frightening. Fear is always there to prevent us from leaving unwanted relationships, ignoring toxic people, failing at a new job, etc.

8. Difficulties actually help me transform myself into a better version. However, remember that every difficult moment you go through gives you a chance to improve. There is no better time for a new beginning, a new you.

9. I accept the process of transformation. Personal transformation is a never-ending process of continuous self-discovery. There are highs and lows, we learn a lot along the way.

10. I am honest with myself and think realistically. When striving for positive change it is very important to be honest with ourselves. What areas of our lives need change. Let's ask ourselves some questions we've been avoiding until now and answer them.

To have realistic expectations for ourselves, and not to force the process and events, because if, for example, we want to lose excess weight and improve our figure, this does not happen in a few weeks, but more often it takes months.

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