Kitchen storage tricks

Kitchen storage tricks
Kitchen storage tricks

Managing your kitchen is a complicated job. Not every housewife knows how to store all products so that they do not spoil quickly.

Also, there are some tricks that you won't know if you don't read specifically about them. So, to make it easier for you, we're going to let you in on some little tried-and-true secrets that will make your kitchen shine, won't stink, and won't waste money on products that often spoil!

Store onions and garlic in paper

Garlic and onions should not be stored in the refrigerator. Many housewives make the mistake of thinking that everything should be kept cool so that it does not spoil. Especially for these two products, it is enough to just wrap them in a paper bag or place them on paper to keep them fresh for longer.

Keep the apples and potatoes in one place

Probably everyone has noticed that potatoes sprout after a few days. To avoid this process or at least slow it down as much as possible, keep potatoes in close proximity to apples.

Apples give off a gas called ethylene, which prevents potatoes from sprouting.

Store avocado with onions

As soon as you cut an avocado, it starts to brown. This is because of the oxidation processes that immediately begin to take place in contact with air.

To avoid this, place the avocado in a container and put a piece of chopped onion inside. Store avocados like this in the refrigerator. The onion will prevent the avocado from browning.

Another option is to sprinkle the avocado with a few drops of vinegar. It will not spoil its taste. When you need it, you just rinse it off with water.

Keep the tomatoes upside down

That is, place them to lie on the stalk or cob where the stalk was. Fresh tomatoes rot much more easily when they are placed with the bottom against the hard surface on which they are placed.

If you place them upside down, this will prevent the air from damaging the tomato. This way it will stay fresh for longer.

Keep potatoes in fresh water

When the potatoes are peeled and cut, but you can't cook them right away, but have to leave them for later, never keep them dry. Always immerse them in a bowl of water so that it covers them.

Speed ​​up ripening with newspapers

We've all bought fruits and vegetables that are still slightly green. To make them ripen faster, wrap them in newspaper or store them in a paper bag. The paper prevents the ethylene released from the fruit from escaping, thus speeding up ripening.

Keep the pineapples upside down

Like tomatoes, pineapples should also be stored upside down. In the same way, ripening processes are accelerated, and the fruit itself does not rot.

Wrap the celery and broccoli in foil

If you love these two vegetables and use them in your dishes, know that it is good to store them wrapped in aluminum foil. They can stay fresh in the fridge like this for almost a month!

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