How to make bananas ripen faster?

How to make bananas ripen faster?
How to make bananas ripen faster?

Bananas are a fruit that in any case is imported to our country, since its production in our territory is impossible due to its tropical characteristics. That is why bananas are transported still green until they reach the respective markets.

It is very unpleasant when we buy green and tasteless bananas that are not fit to eat. If you wait for them to ripen on their own, you risk disappointment because dark spots and overripe areas will appear which spoil the texture and flavor of the fruit.

But you can also take advantage of one with which you will make the bananas fully ripe in just one night!

Since bananas are picked green before being marketed, shipping companies treat them with the chemical ethylene (ethene).It induces accelerated ripening in the fruit Thus, when they arrive at the commercial networks they are already in decent commercial shape.

In the past, ethene was used in place of heaven gas due to its similar properties. It is considered harmless to he alth. Compounds with ethylene are widely used in the cosmetic, food, textile and perfumery industries.


How to make banana ripen faster?

Take advantage of the properties of ethylene! Since it is a colorless gas that is released from the banana over a long period of time, put the fruit in a paper bag overnight. For a better effect, put other fruits in the bag. They are also treated with this chemical.

The gas will saturate the space in the bag and make the fruit ripen faster. It is important to place the bag in a warm room for a better effect.

Once the banana is ripe, put it in the refrigerator. That way you can eat it whenever you want!

Don't forget to because they can be used in many ways in the household!

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