Symptoms of postpartum depression during pregnancy?

Symptoms of postpartum depression during pregnancy?
Symptoms of postpartum depression during pregnancy?

Conception and the appearance of the baby are the most joyful events in a woman's life. But for many women, in addition to the usual discomforts arising from pregnancy, there are also serious mental he alth challenges.

Up to 70 percent of women after giving birth report feeling some kind of sadness, fear, and in approximately 16% of women who give birth depression manifests itself in its full form.

women fall into the trap of depression after birth. According to a recent study by American specialists, there are three different subtypes of the disease.

Research shows that some women experience depressive symptoms as early as pregnancy, which may put them at greater risk of developing the most severe form ofpostpartum depression.

Postpartum depression may also have manifested symptoms that may begin during pregnancy. A good understanding of the differences in the clinical condition of postpartum depression is important for professionals to know how to influence, diagnose and treat it.

The study analyzed 10,000 women whose data was collected during previous studies. The researchers divided the women who suffered from postpartum depression into class 1, class 2 and class 3. Class 1 was characterized by very severe symptoms, followed by classes 2 and 3.

class has been reported to be strongly associated with the onset of symptoms during pregnancy, as well as anxiety, low mood, obstetric complications, even suicidality.

Scientists add that women who suffer from depression are at higher risk of developing postpartum depression.

Recently, research has shown other important and previously unknown risk factors for postpartum depression. Researchers at Northwestern University report that controlling pain during and after childbirth can reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

Study shows that women who gave birth without an epidural are more likely to develop postpartum depression after giving birth.

Another Finnish study found that women diagnosed with fear of childbirth were three times more likely to develop postpartum depression.

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