What awaits us on 11/11 and why is the combination of numbers special?

What awaits us on 11/11 and why is the combination of numbers special?
What awaits us on 11/11 and why is the combination of numbers special?

November is already here and 11/11 is a really special date. The power of four units, with 1111 also considered an angel number. If there is something you strongly desire, on this date you can wish for it, set your intentions. Throughout the day try to consciously keep your heart open and in the vibration of love, understanding, forgiveness and compassion, especially towards yourself!

Think carefully about something you want to create or attract into your life and then take three steps, even if they are small, that will help you turn your desires into reality.

Generate positive thoughts, imagine good things, good events happening to you. Let go of uncertainty and negative emotions.

The numbers 1, 11, 111 and 1111 help us connect with our angels, so if you happen to see them somewhere, in fact, your guardian angels are reminding you that everything will be okay.

In fact, 1111 resonates with new beginnings, motivation to move forward, take action, achieve success, independence and leadership. The moment is suitable to pay attention to your unique qualities, to be active, courageous and not to hide them.

A time to consider if there are emotions, thoughts and habitsthat are not serving you well and it is time to part ways. To make room for the new, the good and the exciting. On 11.11 a powerful energy portal opens and it is important to be positive on this day.

However, just wishing without taking action is not enough. Start making your dreams come true, even if some of them seem hard to reach and you have to put in more effort. There is a connection between our thoughts and our actions and we should not forget that.By focusing on thinking as positively as possible on 11/11, you repel negative energies.

If you see 11/11 as the time on your phone or other mobile device, know that this is a positive sign. Your angels want to remind you that you are not alone, especially if you are going through a difficult time. Your power is great, and good events will come very soon.

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