What will 2019 be like according to your personal number

What will 2019 be like according to your personal number
What will 2019 be like according to your personal number

The new year 2019 will be under the influence of the three from a numerological point of view. This will be a year of creativity, self-expression and alignment. Three is considered a special number. Through the energy of the three, we will be able to express our true essence and our true desires.

What will 2019 be like for you according to your personal number for this year?

To find out what your personal number is, you need to add the digits of your birth date, month and year. For example, if you were born on May 23, 1980, the accounts look like this 2+3+5+1+9+8+0=28.

Then you add the digits of the number that comes after the equal sign. Here the sum of 2 and 8 is 10. Add 1 and 0 and you get your personal number which is 1.

Here's what awaits you:

Personal number 1

This is a year of new beginnings for you. You have been able to make progress in recent months. You may also have made drastic changes in your life. In 2019, you will be able to express your new self to the world. Starting new projects, doing things differently and giving yourself a fresh start will be a strong focus for you this year.

Personal Number 2

In 2019, you will have to continue to "build" and progress. You are on the right path and headed in the right direction, but now you need to ask others for help and guidance. You will need support to achieve your goals and follow your desires. Training and creating solid partnerships will be a major theme for you this year. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and make building new friendships and alliances a priority.

Personal Number 3

You have a very special year ahead of you. You have a lot of creative potential and it's time to reveal it to the fullest. You just have to believe in yourself and take the necessary steps. There is nothing you cannot achieve and luck will follow you everywhere. Don't be afraid to set big goals. Don't forget to pay attention to your mind, body and state of mind by exercising and eating he althy.

Personal Number 4

In the new year you will be able to achieve spiritual growth, acquire new knowledge. It is possible that there will be family karma that will be cleared, or you will show a desire to reconnect with your roots in some way. It will be important to create a sense of community in a family and you will generally need to feel more secure. The new 2019 will also be a year of spiritual development for you.

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