New Year Rituals for Good Luck

New Year Rituals for Good Luck
New Year Rituals for Good Luck

New Year's Eve is a holiday, it's always special, or at least we try to make it that way, no matter where we celebrate. Everyone has their own good luck rituals, ones to say goodbye to the old year. However, the most important thing is to be in the company of our loved ones and have a good mood. We'll also prepare the obligatory fortune pie, and maybe perform some of the rituals in the following lines for a happy and prosperous new year. See how to attract luck.

Round shaped fruits

On the New Year's table, it is nice to have not only round cakes, but also fruits. The round shape represents the coin. Filipinos, for example, eat 12 round fruits to ensure abundance for each month of the year.Don't forget to add delicious round fruits to your table.

Something in dots

A holiday outfit should always be special, and polka dots are just that and are believed to attract good luck.

Wear White

There are many colors that are considered lucky if worn on New Year's Eve, such as red, gold, orange. White brings peace and luck, the Brazilians believe.

Water through the window

While in our country there is a tradition of pouring a glass of water in front of the first person or a person who has something new coming and this ritual is for luck, Puerto Ricans have a similar one for New Year's Eve. In Puerto Rico, it is believed that throwing a bucket of water out the window drives away evil spirits. Don't forget to look around for passers-by.

Write promises

You can write them on small pieces of paper to stick in a visible place for you or on a beautiful board on the wall.According to Western historians, the Babylonians-one of the first cultures to actually celebrate the turn of the year-made new year promises to keep, such as paying debts or returning borrowed items. Everyone can write their own pledges, like take more care of yourself, travel more, eat he althy, etc.

Decorate onions above the front door

The Greeks take the onion as a symbol of luck and fertility, because it sprouts even when no one is paying attention to it. On New Year's Eve, families in Greece hang bunches of onions above their doors to invite prosperity into their home. Of course, if you decide to do this ritual for good luck, you don't need to place the onion on the outside of the door, but on the inside of the home.

Buy a lucky charm

Which to decorate your home or wear as an accessory. Figures of baby elephants, piglets, four-leaf clovers are some of the symbols of good luck. If you are curious what your lucky charm is according to the zodiac

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