6 Kinds of Friends You Don't Need

6 Kinds of Friends You Don't Need
6 Kinds of Friends You Don't Need

Good friends are what everyone needs in their life. Friendship has many faces. They can make us smile, fill our lives with meaning or not need to be present in it. Here are some types of friends we don't need.

The Egoist

Everyone has at least one friend who always finds a way to show their selfish nature. He or she is always only thinking about themselves, they don't respect your opinion and needs, and they always decide where the party is tonight or even your summer vacation.

The Unavailable

Whenever you want to meet for a cup of coffee, your unavailable friend reminds you that he is very busy. There is never a gap in his calendar where you can see each other and chat like real friends.It is not uncommon for you to have an appointment and it gets canceled at the last minute. However, she or he is still in your friends list.

The Self-Confidence Destroyer

True friends are those who give us compliments, but also constructive criticism that in no way damages our dignity. They accept us with all our strengths and weaknesses. The self-esteem destroyer, regardless of having no good reason, always finds a way to hurt our self-esteem. And all this because he envies our personality.

The Bad Counselor

How often have you sought his advice and how often have you received the worst? A bad counselor is a lot like the self-esteem destroyer. He will always find a way to ruin your happiness, create intrigue, make you doubt your partner, and give you advice when you don't have any need them.

The user

With him you always feel used. When you are at a bar or cafe, he always finds a way to get you to buy him a few drinks. Will he return the gesture? Never because he is the user!

The Yo-Yo Friend

He or she is fickle in their contacts and feelings towards you. They call you today, you see each other for days. Then there's a pause where he or she has found new company and so on until he or she thinks of you again because you're just passing the time.

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