Lessons we learned from Friends

Lessons we learned from Friends
Lessons we learned from Friends

The series of series, beloved by generations and still relevant even after 20 years, Friends is in many people's top 10 favorite movies. The six character friends in the series make us laugh, but also give us valuable advice.

Every fan of the series has inevitably associated with at least one of the characters. We've cried with them, we've laughed and we've said to each other: Damn it! I would do that too!”

Let's talk about the life lessons Friends taught us.

About friendship as such

Friendship is the most central theme in the film, of course. But watching all these funny situations happening between friends in the series inevitably makes us take stock of our friendships.

Rethinking some extreme views of ours. We understand that we shouldn't react in black and white to our friends. There are other colors in reality and friendship and one appreciates it best through laughter and difficult times.

Do what you love

One of the brightest postulates of the series "Friends" is to pursue your dreams, do what brings you pleasure, love what you do.

Isn't that one of the most important things? There is a huge intellectual gap between the underachieving paleontologist and scientist Ross and the wind-up empty-headed womanizer Joey, but that does not prevent them from living under the same roof and truly loving each other.

Being a little crazy isn't bad at all

Being crazy even sometimes makes you even more individual and interesting. Everyone has their craziness, but many of us are afraid to show it because we fear how they will be accepted in society.

Not being afraid to stand up and assert yourself is one of the most valuable messages of this beloved film.

Being a control freak is awesome

Courtney Cox's character - Monica, is a real freak, obsessed with absolute control of every situation and everyone around her. She is pedantic to the core. She needs to command the space around her and she's damn good at it!

So, let loose your pedantry, your craziness and unleash your inner freak - it might come in handy!

Support your friends and expect their support

Isn't that the main message of friendship? Friendship is not all about fun and laughter. It is mainly support and trust of the other. Very often our friends are closer to us than our relatives, precisely because we choose them based on interests and personality compatibility.

Love is stronger than differences

Monica and Chandler prove that they can really be attracted to each other as long as their love and values ​​are strong enough and in common. Many couples fail to overcome their differences precisely because of this - lack of a common value system and priorities.

However, when true love stands between you and binds your hearts together, no difference can defeat it!

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