Kinds of friends everyone needs

Kinds of friends everyone needs
Kinds of friends everyone needs

Friends are needed. Sometimes they are more than family. Family doesn't always treat us well. Some people cut ties with their loved ones because of a bunch of insurmountable misunderstandings, because one cannot choose one's family. But friends are chosen or just felt spiritually.

Every person needs friends. But not all people are the same, so our friends are different. If you think about it, you'll probably find out how many different types of friends you have. Which ones do you really need?

The mood lifter

This type of friends are cheerful and always in a good mood. They are a typical example of the glass being half full. These friends bring you a good mood and can easily get you out of the saturn hole. We all need that sometimes.

The Adviser

It's nice to have someone by your side who you can always count on for advice. And not just some advice, but real, thorough and adequate for your real situation. Some people don't like to be mentored, but everyone needs advice at some point.

Sometimes it is very valuable to have someone open your eyes to things. The perspective from the side may prove more sobering.

Oldest childhood friend

One needs fond memories. The kindest, dearest and warmest memories are usually from childhood. It's even better when you have someone to share them with and remember to this day.

These meetings are always full of laughter and charm! With a slight note of sadness, you realize how old you are, but also happy that you know each other and have something to remember.

The baby

These type of girlfriends can often be annoying because they remind us not to do this and that for various reasons.They advise us on how to dress warmly, admonish us when they think we're about to make a mistake, even remind us of some events we tend to forget.

Totally, moms are really needed!


There are some people with whom you behave in a much more relaxed way than others. Even sometimes you are more than a brother or sister. This could be your ex-boyfriend with whom you had an extremely long-term relationship that turned into a close friendship. Or it could be a friend of your brother's who you love to hang out with.

The Honest

As much as the truth hurts, sometimes we need to hear it. That's why it's nice to have someone around us who can tell us, even with harsh words. Everyone should have an honest friend in their environment who will tell you the truth without hesitation, whether you want to hear it or not.

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