Signs that an energy vampire is draining your energy

Signs that an energy vampire is draining your energy
Signs that an energy vampire is draining your energy

Energy vampires are all around us. Sometimes they can be part of our family and friends. Have you ever spent time with a loved one, relative or friend, and then felt exhausted, drained, as if you had no energy left? This is because this person is probably an energy vampire. And it is not at all necessary that he "squeeze" you on purpose. He doesn't even have to be a bad person. It's just that his energy is stronger and it sucks your own.

What are the signs that an energy vampire is draining your energy?

Man refuses to take blame

One of the things that are characteristic of energy vampires is that they are never guilty of anything. The energy vampire will do everything possible to prove that he is not to blame and even put the blame on you, making you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Energy vampire always has drama

Energy vampires feed on drama. They always create tension around themselves by entangling others in their dramas without actually being affected by them themselves. They make it seem like their life is full of constant drama, but in reality they don't feel bad about it, they engage you with their problems, draining your energy.

The energy vampire finds it difficult to be happy for others

Energy vampires do not know how to be genuinely happy for others. They get irritated when someone else is happy and will do everything in their power to darken that happiness without the person realizing it. It will take time for you to realize that the person you consider your friend means well and wants you to be happy.

Downplays your problems and highlights his

One common trait energy vampires have in common is that they can't stand others having more serious problems than their own.You will know that someone around you is an energy vampire by the fact that they will always try to make their problems bigger and more serious than yours. It will do this every time you try to share or ask for advice. The topic will be moved to his problems.

Energy vampires use your empathy against yourself

Energy vampires can sense when someone is an empath. They intuitively grasp this quality and use it to their advantage. This is a technique they use because they are manipulative and controlling. They know and sense that empaths tend to pander to them and use it against them.

They assign blame and issue ultimatums

Another way to tell if someone is a manipulative energy vampire is if they try to control you by making you feel guilty. If you are an empath who experiences everything deeply and has a developed sense of responsibility towards others, the energy vampire will have felt this long before you.He'll find a way to use it against you by framing you as non-existent guilt to get you to do what he wants.

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