Delete these "friends" from Facebook right now

Delete these "friends" from Facebook right now
Delete these "friends" from Facebook right now

Facebook is now a part of our lives. Some people cannot come to terms with this fake world of friendships, others welcome it, trying to make the most of its opportunities, others simply spy on others without sharing anything about themselves, and still others become depressed because they compare themselves to the rest of your friends.

Whatever type you are, you surely have friends who somehow mess with your he alth. See which ones you should delete immediately:


Everyone has at least one friend who is dying to get fucked for whatever reason in. He is constantly posting pictures of travels, parties, fun, entertainment. From the outside it looks like his life is a song.

Often the reason for this behavior is precisely deep depression and low self-esteem. People who do this are looking for the approval of others, they want to show that good things happen to them in life, but the truth is that their lives are ordinary and gray.


In many cases, such people who exaggerate by farting through photos and statuses are depressed and have low self-esteem.


Your friends who always find something to argue about, something to criticize under your picture or under the post you published, you just don't need them. Delete them now!

It is true that in argument the truth is born, but when someone does it tendentially and continuously, he is just looking for something to complain about. What is such a "friend" to you?

The passive-aggressive

There are people on Facebook who constantly draw attention to themselves in a negative way.They keep all their friends busy posting heartbreaking statuses that are meant to evoke pity, comment from their friends, get attention and make everyone empathize with their problems.

Once, twice - fine, but if this is repeated continuously,. These are energy vampires that suck your energy even through the web!

The Gamer

One of the most annoying friends on Facebook are those who are constantly playing some game and sending invitations for whatever. Judge whether this "communication" satisfies you or not. If the answer is more negative, remove them from your friends list. You don't need farm games, candy, aquariums with animated fish and such nonsense.


The responsible parent

Yes, family and children are important, but to oppress someone with your constant criticism of upbringing, norms, worldview, education system, social advantages or lack thereof and what not, related to raising children is more than annoying.

There are always overambitious parents who feel it their duty to make their views public.

The Boss

Do you have a Facebook friend who has been promoted or is running a team, business or something? And does he constantly brag about his successes, approaches to his subordinates, does he constantly show the expensive restaurants where he likes to have lunch and his branded clothes and shoes, which he has to buy, given the high position he holds?

For God's sake, delete this brat from your friends! You don't need it!

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