The icon Marilyn Monroe in quotes

The icon Marilyn Monroe in quotes
The icon Marilyn Monroe in quotes

On August 5, 1962 one of the most impressive icons in cinema and show business is leaving - Marilyn Monroe A woman who will forever remain in history as one of Hollywood's greatest sex symbols. The amazing Marilyn Monroe who has a difficult life, shared and unhappy loves.

The lover who longed for a strong man by her side. The beautiful loner who was mysteriously and somehow sadly alone in her death. Whatever we say about her will not be enough to describe her.

This weekend Bulgaria ON AIR will broadcast the miniseries "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" starring Susan Sarandon. The fascinating story of the icon's life will be broadcast on 25 and 26 April at 20:30 on Bulgaria ON AIR.

The final story of Norma Jean's life and death, told in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, is based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name by J. Randy Taraborrelli.

The production reveals for the first time the remaining behind-the-scenes complex family relationships in which Monroe grew up and which left a mark throughout her life. When young Norma Jean, played by Kelly Garner, becomes one of the biggest stars of classic Hollywood in the 1950s, the world knows that Gladys, her biological mother, is either dead or absent from her life..The truth is, though, that Monroe's mentally ill mother remains a vital and troubling part of her world-a woman Norma loves, hates, and desperately wants to save.


Still from the miniseries "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe".

The miniseries also reveals the other two women who had a great influence in the actress's life - her adoptive mother and her legal guardian.For the first time, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe reveals the shocking story of the star's inability to control her inner demons and the pressures of mental illness she inherited from her mother, as well as information about the identity of her father and half-brother, with whom she and fails to meet.

Marilyn Monroe remains in Hollywood history with her exciting life and film journey, as well as some unforgettable quotes. Here are some of them.


Still from the miniseries "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe".

“If I had followed all the rules, I would never have gotten this far!”

"A man is a person who always forgets your birthday and never misses an opportunity to say how old you are."

“Women who strive to be equal to men are not ambitious enough.”

“What do I wear to bed? Chanel No. 5 of course!”

“Men have a real respect for anything that reeks of boredom.”

“Before marriage, a girl must make love to a man to keep him. After the marriage, she should keep him to make love with him.”

the right shoes and she can take over the world.”

"If you're going to be two-faced, at least make one face pretty."

“Men who think that a woman's past love stories make her love for them less are usually stupid and weak. A woman can give new love to any man she loves, provided there are not too many of them.”

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