Halloween as a national holiday

Halloween as a national holiday
Halloween as a national holiday

Halloween is a holiday where you can see all kinds of zombies, witches, ghosts, sleepwalkers, gnomes, all kinds of human-like creatures - with strange faces, with strange features, ferocious or desperate look.

Moving daily in public transport, I see the same faces with a lifeless look and, to put it mildly, a strange look. And I shake myself. I'm trying to wake up…

I try to convince myself that it's because of the early hour, because I haven't had my coffee yet… I try to fool myself that I don't look like this. I try to lie to myself that I'm not dreaming.

But it's true! Maybe it's because of the overcrowding and the steamy air, but people traveling on public transport look like they're in Halloween costumes.

I say to myself - this is the people! The Bulgarian people! Time has left such terrible scars, such incredible curves, that even the most perverted great mind inventing Halloween costumes will not achieve such perfection of features - where resignation, where malice, where alienation… Scary!

Subway full of ghosts! Buses full of zombies!

People, wake up! People, smile! Don't you guys want Halloween to be our new national holiday?

Because at the moment, Halloween seems to me to be perfectly suitable for a national Bulgarian holiday! Still…I think we might as well make another national effort to smile more. To be better and more optimistic. Smiles are free - don't just keep them for your loved ones. Serenity is for lifting the tone and mood. Let's make at least one more effort - for a change!

Let's have scary eyes, desperate faces only on Halloween. Let us remember our dead pasts, our withered dreams, and our rotten hopes and mourn on Halloween, and after it let us resurrect the best we can find in ourselves and give it wings.If everyone did a little good by Christmas and made at least one decrepit zombie smile, it would have been worthwhile. True meaning to have breathed air, smiled and been alive!

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