Classic hair mask with egg yolk

Classic hair mask with egg yolk
Classic hair mask with egg yolk

Many of us try out different homemade hair masks. You know, most of them are easy to make and don't take much time to prepare.

In most cases, we have to open the fridge door, take something out, open the cupboard door, take out one more thing, mix it in a bowl and it's done.

The yolk mask is a classic. Why you will ask. Yolk is involved in almost every hair mask. Because everyone has read "Pippi Longstocking"? No. And because even before Pippi, women knew that the yolk helps the rapid growth of hair. It contains many vitamins, especially vitamin B3, which is believed to stimulate growth.

So if you've had a bad haircut and think the new hairstyle is tragic, this mask is for you.

You need

  • yellow – 1 piece
  • almond oil – 1 h. l.
  • honey – 1 tsp

That's it. Mix, apply to hair. You wrap it with nylon and a towel and stand as long as you have time - 1-2 hours. Then you wash your hair and continue with your program.

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