Gorgeous thighs, toned arms and little effort

Gorgeous thighs, toned arms and little effort
Gorgeous thighs, toned arms and little effort

Beauty requires sacrifice. And time. Sacrificing time for other things to look good. Some steal from work time if they are smarter and higher in the hierarchy, others from children's time, from cooking timeā€¦ and some cannot steal any time. They are not taught to steal even from themselves.

This is commendable, but they are beginning to look down on you. And you yourself start to feel like an old dilapidated house - tired, unhappy and ugly.

And all this, just because you were in a hurry to take care of the office, your boss's head, the house was clean, the children were fed and you didn't take care of the most important building - your body.

Who manages to take care of all this is a happy person. And his happiness is seen in beauty.

Half an hour and a hoop can do wonders

Exercises for tight arms

The hoop spins around the hands, the faster the better. Simultaneously lose fat and increase muscle mass.

Exercises for slim thighs

The hoop is placed on the waist and starts spinning as fast as possible. Waist, thighs, butt - they'll all thank you.

Exercises for beautiful legs

Exercises for tight and beautiful legs can be done lying down. The hoop is placed around the knee or ankle and you start spinning it. It's also a good cardio exercise.

Advice is a good thing, but in practice I don't know how we could achieve it in our small living room without gutting that chandelier, that flower, that TV, or something else.

If children spin a hoop, many mothers will go crazy, but if it's for beauty?! Indeed, in good weather, we can go out to the park or the lawn in front of the block, but there is another problem there - how to turn our fat ass in front of everyone on the block? If we're pretty and tight, it's easier, everyone will look at you and envy you, while otherwise they'll just hint "Well, what's up Ganka like spinning a hoop for everyone's laughter all month - has she lost weight?" "The sweetest" comment from the neighbors I can tell you right away - "Only mental!" Well, as long as there is such thinking, we will continue to be the most sick and broken nation, precisely because of this kindred-neighbor mentality, which is unshakable.

I may be wrong - I hope so! Maybe more people dare.

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