6 things that are more important than money

6 things that are more important than money
6 things that are more important than money

“Do not think that money can do everything, otherwise you will start doing everything for money.” - Voltaire

What is money to you? Confidence, stability, something that sets you apart? If you know the true value of money, you must know that there are things that are more valuable than money. We share some of these things.


Time is a treasure! The time you take to invest in something, in being better in a certain area, the time spent with a loved one, a hobby, a passion. Time properly invested is worth a fortune, time wasted can be devastating.


Hug someone.Kiss someone. Write someone a letter in which you share your feelings, emotions. Dine by candlelight. Make love to someone. Look your fears in the eye. Look at the sea, the blue sky… We are surrounded by experiences that are so amazing and more valuable than money. Experience them!



Accepting another person fully and intimately into your life is a cardinal change. Revealing every part of ourselves to another person is a constant challenge, but one that makes us strive to be better. Building a happy and long-lasting marriage requires compromise on both sides, trust, dedication, loy alty, любов, friendship. All this cannot be measured in money.


Friendships are those in which we share our interests. They revolve around shared experiences, irreplaceable in their own way connections and experiences.True friendships are the genuine ones, the long lasting ones, the ones where we can talk to our friends even when we are silent. These relationships are more valuable than money.

Physical He alth

Although he alth services are not free these days, good physical he alth often depends on the choices we make. Diet, habits, sports, personal hygiene, etc. Even if we have to invest finances in buying a sports card, this investment will bring us much more profit than the cost, which we have made.


The ability to express our thoughts and feelings to a receptive audience is truly priceless. This allows us to share elements of our inner world with others, something that cannot be achieved with all the money on the planet.

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