New Year's Wish Fulfillment Formula

New Year's Wish Fulfillment Formula
New Year's Wish Fulfillment Formula

At 12 o'clock on December 31st, we traditionally wish for something or have prepared in advance with a long list of promises which is almost the same as wishes. And if we don't start working on them already in the first days of the new year, no one else will - Cinderella's fairy, Aladdin's lamp and Arabella's ring live only in fairy tales. After all, we ourselves can turn our lives into a fairy tale if we fulfill a few of our promises. So here we go.

Energy of action and energy of intention

Visualize the wish/promise – in detail, in color and shape. Give it a boost/fuel with your thought."Saddle" it and it will fly. Note that if you do not have enough energy, the desire can only be realized in a "picture" or "on film", you will only get its projection - that is, instead of materializing, touching, seeing and using it, you will you enjoy it from the TV screen or from the pages of a magazine, or it will come true for someone else.

Personalized wish

We know the saying that a man is only as big as his dreams. And yet - if we wish to become cosmonauts and continue to work in a perfume shop, it will be a little difficult for us to really fly into space with a spacesuit and a rocket.

Work, work and more work

You dream of becoming a photo model - before that you need to take at least one year of dance courses to be plastic.

You want to be a writer - well, focus on letters and books, the rules of grammar, style; enroll in a creative writing course and write, write.

You believe your calling is to be a world-renowned chef – keep in mind that you must first become a journeyman, then a master. It's like that with every profession. Follow the old social motto: "Study and toil, joy and dare" - or as it was, or perhaps paraphrase it to your liking.

Volume and Duration

The wish/promise must have volume and duration in time. Nothing happens now and immediately. Belief and visualization are not enough. You need to "write" your desire into living reality - situate it in past-present-future time, unite the mental, emotional and physical components of the fulfillment of the desire. Reinforce it on a material medium - make a collage of pictures or sketch it, draw it. The important thing is to concentrate the energy of intention that goes through all the stages and small steps of the implementation.

Like minded

Henry Miller: "When a man is trying to do something with his superintelligent powers, it is pointless to seek the approval of friends… When you are testing your strength, when you are trying to do something new, your best friend may turn out to be a traitor.Even the way he wishes you well when you share your ideas with him is enough to discourage you. He only believes what he knows about you. The possibility of being bigger than you seem disturbs him, because friendship is built on reciprocity. It is almost a law that when one embarks on a great adventure one must break all ties.”

So be careful with friends, they may not encourage you but boycott your wishes consciously or subconsciously. And not from bad thoughts, just like that - because you become different from the previous one, and they remain the same. You are more likely to meet new like-minded people on the path of your desires.

How to write an essay

Students know that there is an algorithm for writing a literary composition. And it's the same with wishes/promises: Take one, no, two big sheets of paper and start throwing ideas, steps, which you will then systematize: where, with whom, why, when, how long, how, in what way, what will it costs me, who will help me, who will hinder me.Take inventory of your resources.

Follow the rules, but really

Read the "Bible"! This is in the circle of the joke. This is what the costumed and neat blond young men who meet you on the streets of Sofia and push the Holy Scriptures into your hands preach. If you have at least 3 personal growth books in your library, such as: how to get rich, how to be happier, how to win friends, and you are still unhappy, broke and lonely, then something in the system is not working. You may have read only one page or a few lines, but if you follow them and apply them in your life, then you will see the results.

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