What your birth day portends for you

What your birth day portends for you
What your birth day portends for you

The day of the week you were born on can say a lot of interesting things about your personality. Depending on the day, you may learn whether you will be successful in work, personal relationships and in which areas your interests will be directed. Check out some interesting birth day predictions.

Sunday - the day of the Sun and great people. You will engage in science, occupy high positions, create an unknown medicine, create a trend in fashion, correct errors and flaws, breed horses, run a successful trade, get high income, discover water. All of these or at least one. In terms of love and sex, you will have rather average success and neutral manifestations.You will not realize yourself in a collective, but only individually.

Monday - Moon. A day suitable for women. You will easily find a job, they will gladly accept you everywhere, when you get sick you will recover your he alth very quickly. You will have success if you work in the field of literature, construction, agriculture. Everything you give to people will come back to you many times over. You are destined for a very exciting intimate life.

Tuesday – Mars. You will be very successful in the area of ​​jurisdiction. You have a talent for discovery. Your enemies will be punished.

Wednesday - Mercury. You are hardworking, dexterous, able to solve complex cases. Your work involves travel, carrying goods, notifications and people. An active love and sex life awaits you, but you will have problems with school and studies.

Thursday - Jupiter. You have a 6th sense, you feel the changes, the moods of others. You will successfully engage in teaching, research, astrology, science, medicine, military affairs, logistics, commerce.

Friday - Venus. The day of economists, priests, teachers, military. You will be the soul of the company, know how to have fun, train animals. You will have a lot of success in your love and intimate life.

Saturday - Saturn. Children's Day. You will fight your enemies, you will build a home, you will show a lot of bravery and perseverance. You have divination skills. If you are into hunting, you will be very accurate shooters.

The article was prepared by astrologer Petya Georgieva.

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