What children want for Christmas - the secret of 1200 children's letters

What children want for Christmas - the secret of 1200 children's letters
What children want for Christmas - the secret of 1200 children's letters

Three weeks before Christmas we peeked into Santa's mailbox to find out what gifts the kids want. In the e-mail of the white-bearded old man on the children's site Az-deteto.bg there are already over 1200 letters Of course, requests will be accepted until the last moment - the magical hands of the dwarfs will take care of the wishes of the little ones to come true.

Most children want the toys that are advertised on a famous children's TV channel. In second place are domestic pets – dogs, cats, chinchillas and any other four-legged furry and feathered creatures.Of course, like every year, the young generation craves for phones and laptops, tablets and all kinds of latest electronic toys.

The interesting thing is that between the children's letters, adult ones also sneak in. Maybe their wish will come true. Children often ask Santa Claus for gifts for mom and dad, even for grandma. And only if the white-bearded old man dares not to finish his job: “I tell you with all my heart that I believe in you!”.

“Dear Santa, For this Christmas, I want you to bring me the family game “Around the World Journey” or the family game “The Game of Life”. Please bring me at least one, because I listened this year. Thank you Santa! You are my favorite!" (D., 10 years old)

“Santa, I want you to bring me a track of hotlills, glowing vampires, angry birds scumbags. I tell you with all my heart that I believe in you!" (T., 9 years old)

“Dear Santa Claus! I am writing to you again, as it is soon your holiday, which is also mine.I've been listening a lot this year, so I'd like you to bring me a laptop. Mother is very insistent on getting satin and taffeta curtains and also moldings. Tati wants a rotating Hungarian hive for his bee colonies. Grandma wants lipstick and perfume. And finally, I love you!" (N., 12 years old)

“Hello, I'm a little grown up kid, but still a kid:). I want to thank you for the greatest gift you gave me 3 years ago and ask for another one, but if possible pink:). Happy holidays:)" (N., 32)

“Dear Santa, you cheer up every child on earth with your Christmas spirit. Now I'm begging you to cheer me up too. I'm begging you to give me a PSP. So I'll write you a song because I can't sing it to you. A fabulous star shines above the earth, shining with an unknown strange light. It heralds faith and love and illuminates us with God's blessing. Believe in the star, believe in this too. You and I are brothers, love is in us. Believe in this too: you and I are brothers, love is in us.I would write you more, but I can't." (I., 9 years old)

“Dear Santa, I want an awful lot of ipone5/4es. I have a very crappy phone and everyone laughs at me. Can you get my brother a Nerv gun? Thank you in advance!” (R., 12 years old)

“Dear Santa, I promise to listen to mom and dad, take care of my little sister, help around the house, not ask for too many toys, and be the best first grader! For these promises of mine, I want a few gifts from you 1. ranger samurai 30 cm 2. battle arena with hero figure 108 3. transformers" (R., 6 years old)

There is still time for your child to send his letter to Santa Claus, and why it is good to do so, read here: Why should we write a letter to Santa Claus?

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