Seven reasons that make us unhappy

Seven reasons that make us unhappy
Seven reasons that make us unhappy

We all want to be cheerful, joyful, satisfied, smiling, full, rich. We long to be happy. But isn't it easier instead of chasing chimerical happiness to free ourselves from the traps of unhappiness.

It's easy to screw up our lives, so let's think about a few things that make us unhappy and that we should try to fix, avoid. The main rule is to understand that we are unhappy not because of the circumstances and people in our immediate environment, but because of ourselves.

Don't confuse happiness with well-being - there are many examples of people with money who are unhappy to the core.

1. We complain that we have no money

Take the example of the Bulgarian pensioner - even a monument should be erected to him, and the best place for such a monument is in front of the parliament! The elderly in Bulgaria turned out to be the biggest victims of the transition from socialism to democracy: their pensions were cut, their children and grandchildren scattered across this desolate foreign country, and now there is no one to look after them in their old days. So, when you feel hard and sad, remember that our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers live on an average of 200-300 BGN per person per month, that they don't buy new clothes, eat the cheapest food, all their money goes to medicines and bills and barely saves a single lev for a birthday or Christmas present for the grandchildren.

2. We complain that the weather is bad

We live in the temperate climate zone, with four seasons and now we are in winter. It is natural to be cold, snowing and windy. There is no bad weather - there are inappropriate clothes.

3. Hiding from problems

"Don't put off today's work for tomorrow" - the people said it very briefly and clearly. Running away from tasks and burying your head in the sand like an ostrich will not solve your problem. Get on it now.

4. We look in someone else's jug/fridge

Do not pry, do not discuss, do not gossip about the lives of friends and relatives. Who had what car, the neighbor goes to yoga - see how she indulges herself, the in-laws go on a trip again, and we count the pennies. Who was lucky! And perhaps, in addition to luck, they also rely on their own two hardworking hands. Invest in skills and knowledge, develop, learn new technologies, keep up with the new, raise your children and grandchildren like this, and sooner or later happiness will land on your shoulder too.

5. We communicate with unpleasant people

Refuse to meet with unpleasant people, limit your contacts with them, even if they are your relatives. Better spend a few hours alone than in bad company.

6. We know a lot about he althy living, but we don't follow it

We are bombarded with books on proper nutrition, cooking, gymnastics at home, anti-stress exercises, but we do nothing.A lot of theory, no practice. We live our lives as before - one day to pass, another to come. That's what pharmacies, doctors and hospitals are for - to treat us. It is quite natural to get sick, there are no completely he althy people. Quite the opposite – it's the biggest cliché we have to fight against.

7. Slave to clichés

Don't confuse cliches with tradition. Free yourself from old, rigid rules of communication and lifestyle. The most common motive for action is "What will others say!", "I do it because that's how it's done!". You set the beginning of new rules, of new nice family traditions.

And some more general things: be selfish in small doses, don't try to change others at any cost, don't be afraid to break empty friendships and make new ones, change - change is the surest way to feel alive and happy.

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