Lessons we learn after several miscarriages

Lessons we learn after several miscarriages
Lessons we learn after several miscarriages

Miscarriage is the thing that can mentally break a woman who wants to have a baby. Unfortunately, very often miscarriages do not come on their own. The risk of repeated abortion in the next pregnancy is not small. Women with multiple miscarriages are more likely to experience this nightmare more than once.

The important thing in these moments is not to lose hope and move forward.

What can we learn from couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages?

The relationship between you may change

You should be prepared that upheavals may happen in your relationship with your partner. Losing a baby is a very big ordeal that is crushing for the female psyche, but it is no less difficult for men.

When the problem repeats itself several times, the partners begin to look for the blame in themselves or transfer it to the other in their despair. Not every relationship survives such a shock.

Be prepared that you are not immune to such blows either, so keep your communication and stick to each other.

Life goes on

He really goes on. And that doesn't mean you don't care, on the contrary! Release the compensatory mechanism of the psyche, through which it manages to preserve itself, so that you do not sink into pain and despair.

Accept that your path will be more difficult than that of other couples in this regard and move forward. Life really does go on and this is not the end!

There are much worse things in this world

Some couples who accept miscarriage as the greatest punishment begin to ask themselves what they have sinned so much that fate punishes them like this.


This unfortunate calamity is indeed terrible, but there are far worse things than it. If you accept this, it will be easier to shift to a positive attitude. She really helps. When a person is positive, things happen more easily.

The experience itself will change you

Be prepared, this blow does not pass without leaving a mark in the soul. Many couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages report that it has changed them. One cannot but rethink one's views on life in some way, change one's opinion, learn to truly appreciate the important things in life.

Unfortunately, many survivors also share that it is inevitable that your heart will harden to some extent. You become more anxious and withdrawn. Positive self-esteem and doing enjoyable activities are the things that can help to get out of the depressed state.

One realizes that one can actually overcome it

When a person comes out of depression, they start to see things in a different light and actually realize that they can handle it and move on. Any such loss is hard, but it teaches us that we should not give up on pursuing our goal. Someday fate will smile on us.

One must go through certain trials to learn one's own lessons.

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