A woman wants many men at the same time

A woman wants many men at the same time
A woman wants many men at the same time

Dreams are the natural state of a woman - she may have a boyfriend or a man, but that does not stop her from fantasizing and dreaming about him - the prince on a white horse, superman or some hollywood star.

Who is the dream man? He longs to be with you not only at night, but also during the day. He kisses you not only on the lips, but just like that - on the forehead. He likes to hold your hand. He hugs you when you're sad and comforts you when you're angry. It doesn't cause you problems, it helps you solve yours. In front of his friends, he does not call you "my" and "my wife", but by a small name. He makes your life happy and is happy just by having you by his side.

Here are some more ladies' opinions on what a dream man is like.

G. D. 36 years old

Dream Man looks a bit like Santa Claus and Brad Pitt. In fact, I don't dream about men anymore:) I think I've gotten smarter about dreaming about more substantial things. But I would still dream of a Santa-type man before Christmas. I like everything about Santa Claus - all his festive and good qualities - generosity, magnanimity, justice, etc. if only he could be an idea thinner and younger and perfect for me. His flying sled is an asset and puts him high in my eyes. I'm just in love with the good-natured old man with magical powers.

R. S., 27 years old

Ohhh, I dream of several men at the same time:))) and a star, like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, handsome, smart, talented, rich. If we look at it realistically, I am very satisfied with my man, because he fulfills almost all wishes - nice, good, caring, kind, loves me even when I don't love myself very much, he is a great father:). I dream of a little more romance, a man who will take me on a trip around the world and buy me a piece of jewelry from each place we visit.

T. A., 20 years old

Are you a man? Learning Japanese is my man, my husband, and my current companion in life. Women of my generation want to connect with the "geeks" - those types of geeks and geeks, programmers, computer specialists - in general, ambitious men with a perspective. Yeah, it doesn't sound bad.

B. Ts.39 y

In the joke circle, as an old joke used to say, "A man should have a wallet so thick that he is taller when he sits on it than when he stands." It's not bad for a woman to be materially oriented:)

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