Folk beliefs related to the moon

Folk beliefs related to the moon
Folk beliefs related to the moon

The moon has always been and will always be a beautiful mystery to us. Its mystery makes it fascinating, and the beauty of the moon phases not only sets us romantically, but also brings with it many magical moments. We share some folk beliefs and superstitions related to the power of the Moon.

The Moon and Fertility

Many early civilizations believed that the Moon influenced women and that they could become pregnant more easily. In the 1950s, Czech scientists came across an ancient Assyrian astrological text indicating that women were more fertile during certain phases of the moon.

According to another theory that is still held to this day, full moons cause an increase in births and it is believed that babies born under a full moon will be he althy and strong and the birth will go smoothly.

According to some beliefs, if you put a moonstone under your pillow on the night of the full moon, you will be able to see into the future.

To attract love and prosperity

To attract love into your life or to keep the passion between you and your partner, during a full moon wear a necklace made of moonstone. This special stone brings inspiration, success, enhances intuition, can be used at times when you are meditating. If during a full moon you put him under her rays, he will revive. Moonstone is a special stone for all women.

To attract money

Other beliefs associate the moon with the improvement of material condition. There is a belief that if on a full moon you go out the window under the rays of the moon, open your wallet and say 9 times "Fill it", you will get rich. Many people for years believed that Earth's satellite was made of silver and had the power to attract money.

At the first quarter of the Moon, when its right half is illuminated, it is believed to be a time when you can start a new relationship, positive change, sow the seeds of new ideas.

The waxing Moon phase is a force for growth. This is the perfect time to grow and increase, growth within a relationship, financial growth,time to learn and acquire knowledge, time to conceive.

The waning Moon phase is suitable for cleansing, banishing something old to prepare for the new phase and positive changes. If you want to make some changes, end a relationship, a job, a bad habit and something that is not working in your favor - act.

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