What do we learn about friendship in our 20s?

What do we learn about friendship in our 20s?
What do we learn about friendship in our 20s?

From the earliest childhood years, a person forms his attitude towards friendship. Many of the friends we make for life are made in our 20s. What should we know about friendship in this period of life?

Some people are not worth the effort and time

Everything in this life changes - tastes, understandings, views, priorities. In their early 20s, most people try to appeal to more people around them.

Over the years we understand that this is not necessary. After enduring a few stabs in the back, a few stabs in the back, and a lot of lost time, we realize that the narrower circle of friends we have, the more loyal they are because they have been selected and tested over time.

Some friendships take more effort

In our 20s, we realize that not all friendships require equal effort to exist. If you are used to hearing from some friends once or twice a month, with others it is not so simple.

In the early years of youth, we realize that we should not act impulsively and in extremes, as before. Strong love and extreme hatred begin to subside and take on different shades. White and black cease to be the main tones in the coloring of our relationships with people.

We have to make time for the people we care about


In our 20s begins the search for ourselves professionally and personally. Then often in our hectic everyday life we ​​forget to pay attention to the important things and especially the important people in our lives.

Towards the end of this ten-year period of our earthly journey, we realize how important it is to actually be with those we care about.Every moment together could be our last. Every unspoken word, every fleeting gesture makes us feel distant from each other, and time flies fast. Thus, at one point we realize how important the time spent with the most valuable and beloved people is.

In your late 20s you will have fewer friends

Yes, this is a fact. There is hardly a person who has not found it through experience. More importantly, these people will have proven their friendship over time and will not let you down. These are the real friends !

We don't need to be friends with everyone

As one matures, one realizes that being liked by everyone is not the most important thing. On the contrary – the more character we show, the more respect we get. Youth makes you need everyone's approval, but with age you realize that you don't need that.

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