Are you an alpha or beta female?

Are you an alpha or beta female?
Are you an alpha or beta female?

According to one understanding, women and men are divided into two main types - alpha and beta. Today we focus on the ladies and what lies behind the definition alpha and beta female.

Alpha Female

If you want to negotiate with the alpha female, it won't be easy. She knows her worth. The alpha female is a leader surrounded by subordinates who admire her. She doesn't necessarily have to be the prettiest in her circle of friends, because she relies on mental capacity to always drive her forward.

Without difficulty, she can discuss topics such as politics, economics, business, law and others. She rarely takes instructions from men, and her language is sometimes cynical and sarcastic, but always delivered with charm. The alpha female is often placed as opportunities above many men., uses his qualities as a good communicator and seducer to get where he wants. Has great emotional intelligence and is a good manipulator.


She acts decisively like a man, but retains her feminine essence. She is funny, intrigues men with extensive knowledge on a variety of topics, and is financially independent.

Famous Alpha Females: Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth I, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkel, Angelina Jolie, Anna Wintour.

The alpha female has a sense of fashion. Some of the most frequently occupied professions by alpha women are in politics, PR, the fashion industry, finance, law and others.

Beta Woman

Beta female is sweet, caring and reserved. She is extremely feminine and enjoys the little things in life, such as decorating the home, cooking delicious meals, gardening.

Has good looks, sense of beauty, fashion and art. In love, she is extremely loyal to her partner and very sensitive.


Knows when and how to behave, especially at official receptions, is discreet and diplomatic when necessary. He is distinguished by charm, charisma, communicativeness and a positive attitude towards the people around him, compassion and humility.

The beta woman cares a lot about her partner and often sacrifices her own needs for the sake of her lover. The downside of this type of women is that they don't always manage to shine with a special intelligence.

They do not seek to build a career, show inertia and expect the man next to them to be well enough materially to take care of their comfort and secure life.

The beta female expects to be seduced and would rarely make the first move, unlike the alpha female.

Famous Beta Females: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston.

Some of the most common professions held by beta women are art gallery curators, interior design specialist, actresses, in the culinary business.

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