Powerful words to change your destiny

Powerful words to change your destiny
Powerful words to change your destiny

Do you know that the frequent use of words with a negative meaning attracts negative events in our lives?

And vice versa. When we use certain words with a positive charge, we attract good things to us. The words spoken by us are deposited in the subconscious and control our behavior. We are sharing a list of few important words that will help you change your destiny.


Luck loves those who talk about it often and rightly so. Use the word correctly, confidently. Don't say "Oh, if only I were lucky…". Instead, you should say "I believe that luck will smile on me today." And so tell yourself every day, even if you are facing difficulties.


Happiness is something that everyone strives for. Talk about it every day. "I will definitely achieve my happiness.", "Today will be a day of smiles and happiness.". Repeating these words will make you feel much better, but also attract positive vibes to you.


The ability to love yourself and the world around you is the key to success, happiness. Remind your loved ones of your feelings. Love yourself. Every day tell yourself how unique you are, how amazing qualities you possess. Take care of your physical and emotional he alth. Say to yourself, "I love this world because of its beauty and the opportunities it gives me."

Thank you

A word that means to show appreciation, but can also be interpreted to bestow a favor on someone. Luck turns its back on those who only want but don't give or give but expect something in return.

This is why it is important to give thanks more often, but also to be giving. Giving is not interpreted only with the material. We give smiles, positive mood, emotional support to a friend.


Trust is one of the main feelings of successful people. If you believe in yourself, good things will happen. Self-confidence motivates us to follow our dreams, to improve ourselves. That's why every day before you go to work, say "Today I will succeed, in work, in the meeting I have coming up, in official affairs, I will succeed in learning new things, because I can".

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